One More Chapter for the Road


ABOVE: “Henry Miller is AWESOME!”

Dear Imaginary Reader:

I used to be one of those kids from the 1950s sneaking a flashlight under the bed-sheets to read the salacious bits from “Peyton Place,” which is particularly remarkable since I wasn’t even born until the 1980s. I had a book-a-day habit, an obsession that left me there in the gutter, caught in a delirium of fluttering paperbacks. Then the rigorous demands of adulthood made me clean up, until I was reading maybe two books a week. Then recently I realized I had read two books in a MONTH. “So what,” some of you may exclaim. “I haven’t gone for none of that book-learnin’ since my 9th grade book report on ‘The Outsiders” and I’m doin’ just fine wit’ the ladies, if you know what I mean, mostly because of my large penis.” I do know what you mean, but I’m a writer. A writer who doesn’t read is like a baseball player who doesn’t use steroids: He’s just not equipped for the game.

So let us go back to that seedy, under-funded library, where the bums check their e-mail and update their dating profiles. Let’s walk past the moderately-attractive and extremely-underpaid librarian. Let’s aim right for the hidden little stack where I always get my fix, where the words draw blood. Come on, give a book a try. Feel that nice, crisp paper under your fingers. Oh, you’re into e-readers? You like that designer stuff? That’s fine. Natural or synthetic, the rule remains: First taste is free.

I’ll try to read at least a book a week. This blog will be there to capture some of my thoughts on whatever I’m taking in at the time. Maybe I’ll inspire you to read a good book, maybe I’ll spare you the pain of reading a bad one. Maybe I’ll make it so you can fake your way through a book report. Either way, we’ll both learn something.

Hi. I am Hans, and I am a Pageaholic.

But that’s a GOOD thing.


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