The many, many books published by Bongo Comics and based on “The Simpsons” are the inessential kiddie cash-grabs you imagine them to be, but – good news everyone!-  the “Futurama” series of comics are out of this world. If you’re sad about the recent end of  the perennially low-rated cartoon after 10 (!) unlikely seasons of  interplanetary deliveries and dalliances, then check the version with the pages and the ink and the staples on the spine. It’s like a whole new universe of shiny gags big-banging before your very eyes. But with less glare than that would suggest.

ABOVE: Shmuumph

RATING: GOOD ENOUGH going on COOL! Not going to make converts to the Futurama brand, but if you like the show, you’ll like this.

POST-SCRIPT: I was never quite sure how to pronounce creator Matt Groening’s last name.

Turns out, neither was he. Here’s this from an interview with the Daily Mail:

“I’ve been famous for 20 years but still no one is sure how to pronounce my name. That’s one thing I have in common with David Bowie.* It’s Groening, rhyming with raining, not Groening rhyming with moaning. Having said that, I recently went to the Netherlands where they rhyme Groening with mooning. So I’ve been mispronouncing my own name my entire life. How fantastically dumb is that?”

*It’s Boh-Why, duh.


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