“The Weird” – Ann and Jeff VanderMeer, Ed.

Several millennia ago, towering anthologies of fantastical fiction roamed the world, usually ridden by ancient wizards with the ante-dilluvial names of Isaac Asimov, David G. Hartwell, Martin Greenberg, Harlan Ellison and Robert Silverberg. We’re talking paleo-anthology here. Those great collections, while not exactly extinct, are rare these days ( aside from Otto Penzler’s editorial work. )

ABOVE: Octopi Love Literacy!

So “The Weird” is like some sort of fossil from a mythical Lovecraftian past, and I couldn’t be happier for its emergence. The editors are Ann and Jeff Van der Meer, with thoughtful foreweirds and afterweirds by Michael Moorcock and China Mieville. I couldn’t recommend this more. It’s de rigueur when talking anthologies to give caveats about the hit-or-miss nature of the form. I’ll skip that, because every story here was a freaky delight, whether they were surprises or re-reads. This creepy tome belongs on every single library of imaginative literature; keep it by your bedside, and every night before you go to sleep you will eye it with awe and a respectful fear.

Then you will plunge into weird nightmares of lumbering reptilian divinities that have slithered into your consciousness from lands before time.

Ray Bradbury’s “The Crowd,” from “Dark Carnival,” made it in. Check out the impressive Table of Contents.



4 thoughts on ““The Weird” – Ann and Jeff VanderMeer, Ed.

  1. Reblogged this on Spatzenprosa and commented:
    What a gorgeous collection! Instantly ordered two of them (I was in very need of a good gift and… tadaa!)
    Yes to nightmares and tons of wakeful hours. I love these creeping stories…

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