More Maruo : Suehiro Maruo – “Yume No Q-Saku”

Suehiro Maruo quotes the French author Jean Genet as saying: “Filth abhors filth.” People who are disturbed by dirt are only reacting to something dirty within that is going unacknowledged.

Or so rationalizes the eroguro grand-master when explaining his love for dirt, specifically of the scatological kind, in “Yume no Q-Saku,” an early collection of odds and ends.

ABOVE: Ninja what??

Featured: a buggy school teacher lured by an acrobat; a perverse pied piper; a recipe for shit soup; a cow’s eyeball inserted in a certain part of the female anatomy; knitting pins stuck in a certain part of the male anatomy (this is equal opportunity horror); the Japanese equivalent to David Lynch’s “Blue Velvet”; a sewer boy who can seduce girls with the irresistible smell of his piss; early incarnations of Mr. Araki from “Shojo Tsubaki”; references to Franz Kafka and Marlene Dietrich; a never-ending murder road; illustrations for an out-dated sexual-hygiene pamphlet; a nurse who makes inappropriate use of a limbless patient; the hospital of the lunar eclipse; and of course, all sorts of eyeball licking.

RATING: GOOD ENOUGH. The artwork is excellent, as usual with Maruo, but the stories are scrappy, often grinding to a brutal halt.


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