Not Easy Being Green : Dave Gibbons, Peter Tomasi – “Green Lantern Corps”

ABOVE: No, no one over 13 will have time to memorize all their names.

Just because the Astonishing X-Men lost me a little when they boarded for the Breakworld doesn’t mean I’m opposed to interplanetary adventures. The “Green Lantern Corps” series is one of the best of recent years (it ran from 2007 to 2011). It’s full of rock’em-sock’em space action, brawny and brainy and humorous and grandiose all at once; writers Peter Tomasi and Dave Gibbons (who drew “Watchmen”) fully explore the possibilities of the premise, aided by artwork from Patrick Gleason.

The Green Lantern Corps are a heterogeneous, multi-species force that protects and serves all over the known universe. What that means is that this is a superhero title like (almost) no other, because “Green Lantern Corps” doesn’t center on any particular character – there are 3600 members in the  Corps! – although memorable personalities soon emerge. (Kilowog is my favorite, thanks for asking.)

GLC is no ensemble piece, either. The patrols are dispatched from Planet Oa in scattered duos (think “Space Cops”) so that there’s no team-spirit lessons, or needless bicker-and-banter drama : the duos are unrelated to each other, and the focus is on the individual incidents they investigate. We shift frantically from Lantern to Lantern, from adventure to adventure, and from this we gather a cohesive picture of all the sectors of the galaxy. It’s a colorful picture, too, and not only on the emerald scale. The Lanterns encounter all sorts of weird and varied extraterrestrial life; Mos Eisley Cantina, eat your heart out!


POST-SCRIPT: The Corps got its due in the cancelled-too-soon Green Lantern series produced by DC Animation legend Bruce Timm.


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