A Spot of Bother : Turk and De Groot – “Clifton”

ABOVE: Rule Britannia

The British can’t cook. They keep stiff upper lips. They lapse into Cockney even if they couldn’t tell the East End from a hole in the ground, (and admittedly there are similarities.)  Turk and De Groot’s humorous spy-spoof “Clifton” trots out every possible Brit stereotype for easy yucks. Ex MI-5 Colonel Sir Harold Wilberforce Clifton is a grumpy-yet-phlegmatic amateur detective, smarter than the Scotland Yard crowd, but dumber than his governess, Miss Partridge, (matronly, asexual Jeeves to his aged Wooster.) In the same Franco-Belgian style of “The Bluecoats.” (“Clifton”  was created by Raymond Macherot and first appeared in the pages of “Tintin” magazine in the 60s, but the volumes I’ve read are from its 70s heyday under the Turk / De Groot duumvirate.)



5 thoughts on “A Spot of Bother : Turk and De Groot – “Clifton”

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