Stacked Deck : Jim Balent – “Tarot : Witch of the Black Rose”

More Taromantic fun, including more appearances from our friend, the Fulminated Tower! And there is fun a-plentiful to be had in Jim Balent’s long-running “Tarot : Witch of the Black Rose,” a Goth-pin-up fantasy series dedicated to “witches and cemetery workers.”

ABOVE: You can’t spell TAROT without TART

Tarot is a powerful, sexy Wiccan witch which, in comic land, means she has one flying cat, whereas most real life Wiccans are pretty powerless, considerably less sexy, and compelled to have many non-flying cats. (Kidding, Wiccan readers! You’re all bewitching, bewildering and be-bothering.) Tarot’s sister, Raven Hex, is of the wicked variety, and has stolen an evil book of magicks that blah blah blah raising the dead and blah blah impending apocalypse and blah blah blah NAKED WITCHES!

“Tarot” makes no qualms about its titillating intentions, and there is a reason Balent publishes it under his own company, Broadsword comics. These are the type of witches that gotta get nekkid to commune with the semi-Celtic god and goddesses they worship. But there’s also something oddly wholesome about the series. This is not Manara-type eroticism. The average issue of “Tarot” is PG-13 in content, if not in presentation. It’s basically an episode of “Charmed” with more attention paid to the chest area.

alyssa milano charmed

ABOVE: So basically this.

Along the way Balent does a brave job of trying to educate about Wiccanism and debunk absurd myths, but, frankly, how seriously can one take this as religious pamphleteering? Imagine if someone tried to educate people about Christianity in the back-pages of “Sister Breastella: Horny Nun in the Demon Dimension.”

… Now that I wrote THAT, someone MUST make a pious Christian comic called “Sister Breastella: Horny Nun in the Demon Dimension” IMMEDIATELY.

ABOVE: Those spikes are functional as well as decorative. Somehow.

As I said, there’s fun in “Tarot,”  (usually in the form of adventurous pin-up worthy lay-outs), but to get to the fun you must wade through extremely amateurish text, complete with typos and constant confusion regarding “its” and “it’s” and “your” and “you’re.” You also must put aside whatever reservations you might have about anatomically disproportionate women in comic books. Yes, Tarot and her friends are often naked and absurdly stacked; they’re breasts are not supposed to be any more real than their magickal superpowers.

Wait, did I say “they’re” breasts instead of “their” breasts? WOW, comics DO make you dumber.

If it makes you feel better, Balent, ( who’s best known for his “Catwoman” work ) shares duties with his wife, the pseudonymously-named (I hope) Holly Golightly. The irrepressible Holly, an artist herself, is the model for Tarot. She also letters, colors, and draws boobs even more ridiculously than her husband does.

RATING: COOL! in that overblown “Spawn” kind of way.


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