Bug Out : Simon Oliver – “The Exterminators : Bug Brothers”

“I’m not the Henry James from ‘The Exterminators'”Henry James, “The American,” 1877

ABOVE: Roacheerios

Henry James has had some non-glamorous turns in his life, and he’s paying his dues as an exterminator with Bug-Bee-Gone. But the pests in the nastier L.A. hoods are turning violent, and it’s all tied to a chemical named DRAXX, which basically functions as ‘roids for roaches. Maybe the fault lies with an Egyptian Scarab cult, or with a shadowy corporation called OCRAN (because NARCO would have set some alarms off with the IRS and the FBI.)

I may never find out.

Something about “The Exterminators” failed to lure me in and I had to trudge to finish the first volume. Not sure why. The premise is clever and questions are raised left and right. Simon Oliver’s writing is fun enough. I am less enamoured of Tony Moore’s artwork, but here as in “The Walking Dead” he knows how to draw disturbing corpses.

So why do I feel no need to continue at the moment? Why am I retreating like I would from a bug infestation?

It’s a mystery. Maybe I’ll be back?

( See, that was a Terminator reference.)

“Terminator means the same as EXterminator? What a country!”

(And that’s a Simpsons reference.)

ABOVE: “Hmmm, how about we go out for dinner tonight?”

RATING : GOOD ENOUGH technically, SHRUG and retreat from me.


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