Patrick Cothias : “The Wind of the Gods” (Vol. 1+2)

ABOVE: The Gods Pass Wind? What a horrible title.

“The Wind of the Gods” is a multi-volume saga written by Patrick Cothias and illustrated by Philip Adamov, both of whom have presumably done better. (In particular, I hear good things of Cothias’ cape-and-sword opus, “Les 7 Vies De L’Epervier.”) “The Wind of the Gods” is set in medieval Japan, but it is an overly decadent, too-European take on  Akira Kurosawa’s samurai milieu. Here, no matter what claims they make to honor or bushido, every character is lascivious, blood-thirsty, marked by cupidity, or simply DRAWN TOO UGLY. The dialogue and story are neither terrible nor memorable, and I found precious little to keep me coming back for volume 3.

RATING : GOOD ENOUGH for ronin lovers, SHRUG for me.


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