A Gas : Brian K. Vaughan – “Saga” (1-18)

Worlds are at war. Space Montagues fight Space Capulets. Brutal Factions pursue a Brave-Sensitive Warrior, his Sassy-Kick-Ass Consort, and their Magical-Savior-Prophecy-Baby through the far reaches of the Galaxy. Most of Brian K. Vaughan’s self-explanatorily-titled “Saga” has been bought wholesale from a Space Opera junkyard, but Vaughan and artist Fiona Staples have buffed up the parts to launch a shiny new rocket.

ABOVE: “I came here to chew gum and kick ass. Luckily, I still have chewing gum so I think I’ll catch up on my Heinlein.”

“Saga” earns its praise by being funny, exciting, surprising, colorful, vulgar, touching. Another unqualified hit for Vaughan. ALSO, having a Lying Cat would significantly simplify most inter-personal transactions.

ABOVE: The Lying King



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