Assembly Required : Brian Michael Bendis – “New Avengers” ( 1 – 64 )

Re-read. Still feel conflicted about the long, sometimes lazily winding road taken by Brian Michael Bendis’ “New Avengers.” Perhaps my main problem is what little it takes to become an Avenger within these pages; practically any superhero that meanders by gets sucked into the vacuuming vortex of the team. Most of them can’t even feign interest, and can’t wait to exit the revolving-door cast. It’s like the Avengers is a fraternity of ill-repute desperately recruiting during rush week. The worst are the forced, massive battles that crowd every page with characters all straining to get one bantery line into the fray. This is a superhero-team staple, but here it has the counterproductive habit of turning what are supposed to be vibrant, action-packed panels into visual slogs. There are better arcs than others, (I enjoyed the opening, “Breakout,” without reservations.) With so much to say (good, bad, and meh-ish) I’ll opt for silence and instead treat you to a sampling of covers:

RATING: GOOD ENOUGH within the Marvel Universe




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