An Old-Fashioned Assembly : Edgar Wallace – “The Avenger”

The “Avenging” goes on!

ABOVE: “Stabby time!”

Edgar Wallace’s “The Avenger” (also known by its somewhat less sexy alternate title, “The Hairy Arm”) is a perfectly fine example of what a page-turning thriller looked like, early in the last century. 1926, to be exact. Wallace was unashamed of using effects like “the villain who is given away by the distinctive, defective typewriter” or the “sinister mute Malay servant”. But very little changes in the world of thrillers: today those sinister Malays are ISIS sympathizers; and is tracing the culprits back to a typewriter any different than tracing them back to their laptops?

What Edgar Wallace has over modern writers is the willingness to insert a girl-snatching, sapient orangoutang in his plot. Surely the seeds for his “King-Kong” screenplay can be found here.

RATING: COOL for people who enjoy old-fashioned, decently written thrills;  SHRUG for most.


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