Fourth Time Around : George R. R. Martin – “A Game of Thrones”

Just a tiny, Tyrion-sized note to say that I am once more attempting to read “A Song of Ice and Fire” in a feverish binge, which means I’m re-reading “Game of Thrones” for the fourth time in my life… and that I might get distracted halfway through “Clash of Kings” once more. But NO! NO! This time I mean it! Fourth time’s the charm! I solemnly vow upon the mass graves of Westeros to read the whole lot in time for my birthday.



4 thoughts on “Fourth Time Around : George R. R. Martin – “A Game of Thrones”

    • Oh, I don’t find it a slog, it’s quite a page turner… It’s just there’s a LOT of pages to turn. I abandoned the journey the times before for a variety of reasons but boredom was never one of them 🙂

  1. Ok, long convoluted story! I read the first book when it came out, loved it. Then had to wait. By the time three books had come out, I was like: “Oh yeah, let’s go back to that! But let’s start with the FIRST book again, to refresh my memory.” (My first mistake) Then the show was out. Then by season 3 of the show I was like: “FINE, let’s read all the books in a row… BUT LET’S START WITH ONE AGAIN, really immerse myself in the world!” and then gave up because it was really redundant by then. It’s my own personal completist insanity, I think lol But this time I’m serious about going all the way.

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