Captains Courageous # 3 : Paul Feval – “Captain Phantom”

ABOVE: Ghost Rider

Another French historical romance marked by heroic captaineering (just like Michel Zevaco’s “The Captain” and Theophile Gautier’s “Captain Fracasse”) Paul Feval’s “Captain Phantom” is set largely in Spain and chronicles a colorful multinational conflict: Napoleon’s Peninsular War of the early 1800s, in which Spain, England, Scotland, Portugal and France all got to unfurl flags as they wrestled for control of Iberia.

The prolific Paul Feval is a great French romancier who staked out a little piece of my adventure-loving heart growing up, (with seeming perennials like “Le Bossu” and “Les Habits Noirs”), but who has practically no claim to fame in the U.S. (Although Feval is just now being reconsidered as an unlikely early branch in the fantasy and horror family tree, thanks to novels like “The Vampire Countess,” and “The Village of the Vampires” – which were written decades before Bram Stoker’s “Dracula.”)



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