A Funny Thing Happened : Judd Apatow – “Sick in the Head”


ABOVE: When Jerry met Juddy.

There’s one mild annoyance in Judd Apatow’s “Sick in the Head” (a  collection of intermittently revealing interviews with “funny people”): pretty much everyone here, whether old-timer or up-and-comer, is THE GREATEST COMEDIAN EVAH.

Among the interviewed: A young-and-cocky Jerry Seinfeld, (Apatow’s first major interview); a young and cocky Jay Leno (“hands down his favorite comedian”); Apatow and an insecure Adam Sandler being interviewed by Charlie Rose; Jim Carrey and Ben Stiller on ye olde “Cable Guy” days; Albert Brooks on enjoying the little moments and James L. Brooks on enjoying the big shows; Amy Schumer on finding her audience (Apatow produced “Trainwreck”); Chris Rock on his Richard Pryor fandom; the late Harold Ramis outing Bill Murray and Chevy Chase as douches (as if we all didn’t know); “Night Court”‘s Harry Anderson discussing his career as a con man; Jeff Garlin (the book’s funniest interview); Jimmy Fallon on the art of sycophancy; Lena Dunham on her TV experience; Leslie Mann on marital affinity; Louis C. K. getting real upset at Lorne Michaels’ professionalism; Key and Peele on the discomforts of diversity; Garry Shandling, Sara Silverman and Jon Stewart reminiscing about their time with Apatow on “The Larry Sanders Show”.


Also featured: An Oral History of “Freaks and Geeks” that had previously appeared in Vanity Fair.

Also featured, bizarrely: Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder.

Not featured: Will Ferrell, who blurbs with the promise to be in the sequel.

Also not featured, obviously: Bill Cosby.

RATING: Knock-Out! Or at least COOL for those interested in modern comedy.


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