The P is Loud : P. G. Wodehouse – “Mike and Psmith”, “Psmith in the City”, “Psmith, Journalist” and “Leave it to Psmith”

“Mike and Psmith” : Hilarious misunderstandings among the richly schooled, as Mike and Psmith first make each other’s acquaintances at school and avoid education by playing a lot of cricket. Think of a very genteel “Animal House.”

“Psmith in the City”: Mike and Psmith are forced, to the detriment of their cricket scores, to take gainful employment at the New Asiatic Bank, (with hilarious results). Two things I realized: a “century” is a score on 100 in cricket; and the full name of one half of the Mike and Psmith duo is MICHAEL JACKSON.

“Psmith, Journalist.”: Psmith and Mike land in America to take over a newspaper called “Cosy Comforts,” and then proceeds to uncosify it and discomfort it by investigating the gangs of New York.

“Leave it to Psmith”: Once more, we have hilarious misunderstandings involving the idle rich, who nonetheless are always ready to hit you for a tenner. This one occurs at Blandings Castle, (the second off Wodehouse’s books set there) and there’s a purloined diamond, an insufferable visiting poet

RATING : GOOD ENOUGH for the school + cricketing, (my least favorite Wodehouse books involve school + cricketing); the rest are COOL!!!


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