Youth is Brief and so is this Post : Marc Guggenheim – “Young X-Men”

ABOVE: They’re not even all that young!

From “Young Liars” to “Young X-Men.” Marc Guggenheim’s brief, largely unremarkable series from 2008 followed up on work by Craig Kyle and offered a team of semi-noobie muties: Wolf Cub, Rockslide (who’s totally not “The Thing”), Joss Whedon’s misused Blindfold, Dust, and the intolerable Ink, a character who may be the biggest mistake in the long history of tattoo-related mistakes. This assortment of teenage nobodies at least acknowledges their redundancy: when asked about his name, Wolf Cub curtly says, “Wolverine was taken.” A typical example of mediocre Marvel product from nearly a decade ago.



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