Lateral Move

Hansel Castro is now writing (much more prolifically) over at PICKSHERRY

Please adjust your bookmarks and go visit me there now. New posts appear daily, Mondays Thru Fridays.

The Pageaholic dealt solely with the books, Picksherry covers the books- AND the movies, and the music albums, and the TV shows, and the videogames, and the whatevers. “Oh, another all-purpose pop culture website, the Internet can never have enough of those!”  But Picksherry is a little different, as you will notice as soon as you land there. I hope you will come to love the kooky krew of kritics that compose the Picksherry family. I think their reviews, which may appear odd at first, will eventually strike a chord with people like you or me, who feel that the coin never has two sides: simple examination of a coin shows it has at least THREE easily visible sides. As a 3 dimensional object, it’s sort of a squashed-in cylinder. And if you start counting all the depressions and striations on a coin,you’ll realize it’s a veeeery complex object.



I will see you there.


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