Don’t Judge a Video Game by its Cover : Tim Lapetino – “The Art of Atari”

atari2Ready, Player One? “The Art of Atari” is a massively nostalgic stroll down the 8-bit arcade. Tim Lapetino is the curator of this gallery of huckstery, where the most adventurous artists and graphic designers of the 70s and 80’s were tasked with the un-enviable job of convincing a generation of gamers that the green rectangle that moved through the black screen was actually a slimy alien – or  a treacherous shark – or  a fast-advancing tank – or a menacing dinosaur.

They succeeded!

Sure, the cartridge art made promises the software would never be able to fulfill, but it didn’t matter; we were young, and we wanted to believe! More than nostalgia, “The Art of Atari” honors influential commercial artists- and I’m not sure why I forced the word “commercial” in there. These artists objectively fueled more dreams than many a beret-sporting garret-dweller.